Friday, July 27, 2012

BAGGER by Battistinis Cumost Cycles

Battistinis, Arlen Ness Retro Bagger . . . . .
Arlen Ness has developed a ton of new bolt-on products for Harley-Davidson® motorcycles, concentrating on increasing the depth of the Arlen Ness ‘Retro’ product line. This is primarily geared for “Bagger” models which have become the weapon of choice for a lot of HD® owners. Developing floorboards, saddlebag latch covers, fork boot covers, grips, foot-pegs, wheels, plus much more Arlen Ness has given owners the options to customize almost every piece of their motorcycle. With all these pieces being developed with the same theme in mind, a customer is able to buy a piece at a time and end up with a bike that looks like it was done all at once.

Battistinis UK Ltd
Unit A 107 Southwick Road
Southbourne, Bournemouth
Dorset, England, BH6 5PS
Telephone: +44 (0)1202 437400

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

RAD 02 WILDCAT (2012)

RAD 02 WILDCAT (2012)

Technical Schedule:
- RAD 02 Montjuich alluminium subframe
- RAD 02 Cromo Molibdeno frame
- RAD 02 Montjuich alluminium front bracket
- S2R swingarm
- BST carbón fiber wheels
- Alluminium RAD 02 fuel tank
- RAD 02 Montjuich carbón fiber front fairing
- RAD 02 CORSA EVO vcarbon fiber seat
- RAD 02 racing wiring
- LiPo Battery
- RAD 02 two valves engine carbón fiber airbox
- Monster 1100 EVO engine
- Wolfman exhaust system
- BMW silencer
- Extreme tech rear schock
- 749 tin fork
- Discacciati rotors
- Discacciati radial calipers
- Discacciati radial pumps