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Andy Bell Stunt Reel 2011 and Pictures

More about ANDY BELL
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 195 lbs
Born Penticton, BC, Canada
Resides in Long Beach, CA

Andy was born to be a stunt man from day one. He started walking at age 8 months, running at 9 months and was downhill skiing unassisted at 16 months.
A natural born showoff with a knack for sports, Andy mastered horseback riding, skiing, swimming, SCUBA Diving, kickboxing, motorcycle riding and all other things that involved adrenaline with ease. He quickly became certified as a Life Guard, Ski Instructor, Horse Wrangler, SCUBA Diver and First Aid attendant while pursuing his passion of becoming a professional Motocross racer. Through his career in both Professional Motocross Racing and Freestyle Andy racked up championships around the globe, culminating in earning 9 Guinness Book World Records in a single day in 2009.

Previous Stunts

Holder of 9 Guinness Book World Records                                              

Longest car drift (4137 feet)

Longest nose manual on a motorcycle (dirt bike) (188 feet)

Longest motorcycle jump with 3 people

Most people motorcycle ramp jump

Longest tandem ATV wheelie

Longest three person ATV wheelie

Longest UTV (rhino) wheelie (960 feet)

Longest UTV (rhino) jump

Fastest speed in a towed trash can


Mercenary for "Last Stand"                                                                                                             2013
Coordinator: Wade Allen  

Motorcycle jump for Jackass 3D                                                                                                     2010
Coordinator: Charles Grisham

Motorcycle tow in for Jackass 3D                                                                                                   2010
Coordinator: Charles Grisham

High fall to blob for Jackass 3D                                                                                                      2010
Coordinator: Charles Grisham

Utility Stunts for Jackass 3D                                                                                                          2010
Coordinator: Charles Grisham


Motorcycle stunts/riding/wheelies for Time Warner "Enjoy Better" Superbowl commercial (1 of 2)         2012
Coordinator: Sean Graham

Motorcycle stunts/riding/wheelies for Time Warner "Enjoy Better" ESPN commercial (2 of 2)               2012         Coordinator: Sean Graham

"Whipped" jump builder for car stunts                                                                                               2012
Coordinator: Alex Daniels

Fight Scene w/ Jason Ellis for “The Daily Habit” Fuel TV                                                                   2011
Coordinator: Andy Bell                                                                                                                 

Parkour (Freerunning) stunts for “Ultimate Parkour Challenge” (MTV) (also was the Host)                     2010
Coordinator: Paul “Diddy” Darnell

Harley Stunt for “The Dudesons in America” (MTV)                                                                           2010
Coordinator: Chris O’Hara

Dirt bike stunts (wheelies, car chase) for “Nitro Circus” (episode: Hollywood Nitro)                              2009
Coordinator: Scott Rogers

Dirt bike jumps / FMX “Nitro Circus” (episode: LA Nitro)                                                                    2009
Coordinator: Monte Perlin

Big wheel flips/stunts for Nitro Circus                                                                                              2009
Coordinator: Andy Bell

Waterski stunts (big waves and pyramid) for “Nitro Circus” (episode: Aqua Circus)                              2009
Coordinator: Andy Bell

Downhill skiing (flips and stunts) for “Nitro Circus” (episode: Winter Wonderland)                                2009
Coordinator: Andy Bell

Boxing stunts for “Nitro Circus” w Miguel Cotto  (episode: Puerto Rico)                                              2009
Coordinator: Andy Bell

Bull riding for “Nitro Circus” (episode: The Circus Heads West)                                                          2009
Coordinator: Gary Leffew

LA River Harley jump (hardtail Harley over LA River) for “Nitro Circus” (episode: LA Nitro)                   2009
Coordinator: Andy Bell

Tandem backflip streetbike w/Travis Pastrana for “Nitro Circus” (episode: Hell Compound)                  2009
 Coordinator: Andy Bell / Travis Pastrana

Helicopter jump to lake for “Nitro Circus” (episode: Lake Medina)                                                      2009
Coordinator: Andy Bell

100 ft Suburban jump for “Nitro Circus” (episode: Mud and Guts)                                                       2008
Coordinator: Dennis Anderson

NASCAR stunt driving (race and drift) for “Nitro Circus” (episode: Southern Discomfort)                      2008
Coordinator: Andy Bell / Travis Pastrana

Sea Doo Stunts (riding up class 5 rapids) for “Nitro Circus” (episode: Southern Discomfort)                 2008

Fire Stunt / Exploding car for “Nitro Circus” (episode: Southern Discomfort)                                       2008
Coordinator: Dr. Danger

Live Shows
Nitro Circus Live (The Tour)                                                                                                   2010/2011

Big wheel backflips on the Mega Ramp

World Record UTV (Rhino) jumps

BMX flips on mega ramp

Stunt Coordinator Experience
All of my own stunts for Nitro were set up and coordinated by myself (other than listed otherwise)

MX/FMX/Truck and Monster Truck crossover for Nitro Circus                                                           2008

Multiple FMX and BMX stunt shows                                                                                       2001-2011
Stunt References
Charley Grisham
Johnny Knoxville, EP “Jackass 3D”
Travis Pastrana, EP “Nitro Circus”

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