Monday, May 21, 2012

Celebrity and Motorycles - James Hetfield's Widowmaker - Harley Davidson

James Hetfield's Widowmaker
Great Bike by Kirk Taylor of Custom Design Studios

The Widowmaker is a collaborative project between rock legend James Hetfield of Metallica, custom bike builder Kirk Taylor of Custom Design Studios, and Custom Chrome, one of the largest distributors of aftermarket parts for Harley Davidson’s.

When Custom Chrome approached Kirk and James about building a bike they jumped at the opportunity. The only stipulation to the project was that the bike could only be built using products offered in the Custom Chrome catalog; all other parts had to be hand fabricated by Kirk and James. The result is an awesome bike with a 1940’s

“Hill Climber” vibe that also incorporates 1920’s “Board Tracker” and 1960’s “Drag Racer” influences. Kirk and James have created a perfect example of what can be done by anybody with a vision, creativity, and the Custom Chrome catalog proving that you too could create your own truly one of a kind motorcycle.

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