Thursday, May 31, 2012

Jay Leno's Tank Car - More than "millecavalli"

1500 hp

"I have no idea what the top speed is for this thing. We ran it at the General Motors proving grounds and hit 145 mph."

Its wheelbase is more than 15 ft. The engine is a 30-liter V12 — each of those 12 cylinders is bigger than a four-cylinder Toyota engine — and it had between 800 and 900 hp.

Bosch electronic fuel-injection control unit based on the company's MS 2.9 system for Formula One race cars. The custom-built rig was the only one that could deliver enough fuel.

two serious 91mm magnesium Garrett turbochargers — the same ones found on 2002 Toyota Champ car racers.
beautiful new intake manifold with special runners that look like the ones on an old 2.9 Alfa.
fabricated metal caps that take any sort of modern look out of the engine.


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